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I am a self-taught South African artist. I grew up and lived in the Northern Cape until 2016. For the first 25 years of my adult life, I devoted my time and energy to my two daughters. I started a portrait framing business from my home and managed it for 12 years before deciding to sell the business and focus on my art. We moved to Bloemfontein at the beginning of 2017.

I not only love to paint, but I also enjoy renovating living spaces and buying old furniture to repair and re-paint. I enjoy experimenting with different mediums but primarily work in acrylic with my art. As a schoolchild, I spent my weekends and holidays on a farm in the Northern Cape. The afternoon rides to the cribs and waterholes were always something I looked forward to and I was mesmerized by the sunset and its effect on the “vaalbos” and landscapes. It created a picture that transformed a dull dry landscape into a vibrant and colorful picture … I love to create that effect with contrast and colors in my paintings. My paintings usually tell a story about love, life, hope, and memories. I am at my happiest when my followers and buyers not only see beautiful colors that brighten their room but also see the story I am trying to convey with a brush or palette knife.

I find so much appeal in Leigh Hunt’s words – “Colors are the smiles of nature” What a dull world it would be without color!

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