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1. Cut your design to suite your project.

2. Coat your project surface with a thick layer of sealer (in sections as your progress)

3. Lay your Tantum Bella Decoupage paper in position (on wet sealer) and flatten out from the centre or from an corner (which ever is easier for you)

4. Smooth the wet part down so that there are no bubbles under the decoupage paper - continue in  small sections (smooth as you go) until the image is secured to your project surface.

5. Flatten out and remove any air bubbles to make sure that the decoupage paper stick to the sealer and that your project is "Bubble free".  Once done, apply another coat to sealer to help bond the decoupage paper to the project.

6. Once 100% dry, apply another coat to seal, in doing this, the decoupage paper will be well-adhered to the surface on your project. 

Tantum Bella "Simply Beautiful" Door Prints

Tantum Bella Decoupage paper is proudly designed and manufactured in South Africa.  It is an awesome "Classic and Elegance" range made up of individual, as well as mix and match designs for all types of applications.

Required:  Any water based sealer, Decoupage Paper,  Paint, Paint brush and scissors!

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